Saturday, September 12, 2015

Sky Conner x Hassani Hamilton

Sky Conner x Alexandra (@Androgynous_douby)
Outfit: Hassani Hamilton Photographer: @aagdolla (Instagram) 

I can't express how happy I was to represent Hassani Hamilton Sick P*ssy Collection. This brand is more than just a brand but more so a lifestyle. You feel something happen when you put on these garment, well at least I do. It's almost like a super hero putting on their cape. My connection comes from what the brand stands for. Hassani created "Sick Pussy", from the notion of women not being able to be in their natural state. His term "freeing women" is powerful! As  women we are always looked upon, judged, and told who and what we should be. We never get to explore and just BE, freely. I have never per say called myself a feminist but I but I am pro women is the sense of us being free.  Free to make decisions, free to dress how we want, free to aspire to being more than a housewife, free to seek opportunities that have been deemed a "manly" job.  We all have to vow to free each other. Women need to free themselves and men need to free them from the social standard. So by all mean you hearing it from me, "YOU ARE FREE TO GO AND JUST BE!" 

To the clothes all the items can be purchased at but hurry I know that a lot of pieces are almost sold out or won't be there long. ;)

Style Tip: Shoes are important if you didn't know. You have the freedom of establishing how dressed up or down you want the the pieces you are wearing to be. Bomber and a pair heels is a killer combination or a vest and tennis shoes. 

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