Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Sky Conner x BraveHeart Collection


sky conner

sky conner

sky conner

sky conner
Dress: BraveHeartCollection Shoes: Zara Bag: Chanel (Portero)

What's sexier than a tube dress? It hugs you in all the right places and is easy to maneuver in as well. It's no secret that my favorite color is blue. Naturally when I seen this dress on Braveheartcollection (click here) I had to buy it. For a minute I have been wanting a tube dress but it seems like places never had my size or a color that interest me! My measurements are 32 bust, 24 waist, and 34 inch hips so most of the time when I look at the size guide I'm always in between two sizes and its annoying. Luckily the small I'm wearing fits me perfectly. I know other ladies have similar troubles so I am telling you I think this dress was made for us. 

When it comes to how the dress feels on my skin I want to say in general I am always impressed with braveheartcollection clothes. The clothes are always soft and come already smelling refreshing, fresh out the box. Shipping was fast and the cost was affordable. I know sometimes I wear things that are not as accessible or deemed "expensive" but this particular piece is very much so affordable and chic. Please don't waste any time go buy the dress already and go look fabulous. For more ideas on how to wear it read the style tip below.

Side Note: This is a dress that show all your curves for better or for worse. So if you have some areas you are not wanting to showcase take the necessary steps to make sure the best you is showcased. For underwear either a THONG or COMMANDO or NO LINES. I always vote thong or commando but that's my personal preference. 

Style Tip: This dress is so versatile. As fall and winter approach find a cute crop sweater to wear over it or perhaps a suede or leather leather jacket. You could if your daring put on a oversized off shoulder top over the dress and use a belt to snatch the waist! Just a thought!


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