Saturday, August 29, 2015

Mitch Moondae x Sky Conner

sky conner

sky conner

sky conner

Tameek Jacobs
 Sky: Custom by Mitch Moondae Tameek Jacobs: Zanarobe (Top and Pants) Shoes: (Cinza Aria)
Photos by: Marta (@godlyphoto)

When it comes to me trying something new I think I am one of the first to get excited and take it on in comparison to my friends. I am eager to see myself look, feel, and even speak differently. I think fashion is more than just clothes, it's taking on a different persona based on your mood, weather, time, event, etc. When I envision myself I see a lot of different things and unfortunately I can't wear it all at one time like I would like to or can I? I believe that there is many facets to all of us and the biggest mistake to make is to try and pin point one out of others. Just BE! Just Live! Just Smile! And whatever outfit you decide to wear during those moments is just another version of you and thats okay! We don't have to stick to one style. You are an adapter by nature so never be afraid to grow and transform. 

Now about the outfit! I had this obsession to do a shoot with denim but I knew I didn't want to experience denim the same way like I have in the past. Mitch Moondae was so gracious to make a custom piece for me. He took simple items and transformed them into pieces of visual art. When you envision something you want to wear if the store doesn't have it all in one create it, or find someone to create it. We get bored with our look because we never venture out to change it. Be curious about certain items and look and see if you can wear it differently. 

Style Tip: I always try to preach this but, try to experience clothes differently if you have a button down try making it a skirt one day or cut off the top portion, sew an elastic band to the top and make it an off the shoulder button down top. Just a thought! 


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