Tuesday, June 23, 2015

White Strawberry: Sky Conner

   If I had to describe the blog post title White Strawberry for today I would say it represents a pure and natural exoticness but still remaining an effortless essence to the eye. When you live in New York you have to always be ready to be on the go traveling. I find myself trying to be simple but stylish. I try to be chic and comfortable but still bring an inordinate flavor.  

I feel like you can be fierce any day no matter how simple or extravagant the outfit is. Your energy is what ultimately makes the outfit not the clothes itself. I didn't put on a lot of makeup nor was my hair perfect but I still felt and looked amazing. I think as individuals we have to find beauty in our natural state. I'm don't see anything wrong with a little eyeliner and a red lip but just make sure you can feel beautiful  even if that small enhancement isn't there.

I want to start off by saying that everything I had on was extremely comfortable. The Burberry Prorsum t-shirt I had on I've only worn twice since I purchased the shirt in January. What I love about the shirt is that it's oversized and not tight fitting. I am able to wear it feeling light and spacious, which is good for when I want to eat and pig out. The leggings I have on from Zara are stretchy and feel great against my skin. They allow me to breathe and the stretch from the spandex in them allow them to move with my body and not against it. My Huaraches are the definition of walking on clouds, with the support for walking. I say if you don't have a pair please invest!! They are stylish, comfortable, and ultimately a good purchase to make. You never have to worry about shoe laces and that is beautiful. You can slip them on and go. I will say make sure you try them on because depending on how your feet are you may have to go up a size from your regular standard size. 

Tip: Take a picture of yourself on a day you don't think your glamorous and see how fierce you can be. Sometimes we have to travel back to the basics in order to feel the impact of our natural beauty.

Share pictures of yourself in your natural state with me via email @ mirrorfanatic@gmail.com. I love being inspired by others and who knows we may be able to chat about how FINE you are. lol 

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