Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Sun Kissed Glow: Sky Conner

All Clothing except shoes are from NGKI 

    Last Saturday I was flown out to Chicago for a photo shoot. As you all I use to live in Chicago and now I have moved to New York. I never miss an opportunity to go back to Chicago. Even though I have moved to the Big Apple, I do miss the windy city at times. I miss the feeling of it being home, the food, how clean it is, and shockingly the people of Chicago.

I collaborated with NGKI and I served as their muse for their online boutique. They have skirts and dresses, and clothing sets for when you want to go out to the club, a tea party, or even just a lunch in. No matter the place they have something to make you look like the capital "F" in Fabulous. I was amazed at how well the pieces fit and the quality of the fabrics. Some of you know that I went to school for fashion design so I am a big stickler for the way clothes fit on my body. For the bottoms I was pleased to know these items fit my waist which is 24 inches and my hip which is 36 inches. I know a lot of ladies deal with this problem when trying to find bottoms but trust me when I say they figured out the formula. I chose to post a few of my favorite outfits from the shoot that we did but I highly encourage you to check out their site (click here). 

Tip:  Our body is a canvas and you should try ordering online from new boutiques that you never thought to buy from. You never know, it may be the Perfect fit for you!

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