Monday, June 29, 2015

Orlando Blue: Sky Conner

Jersey: Thrifted Overalls: American Apparel Shoes: PRS x Nike 
Photo by Ivan of LongTower Photo Makeup by: @glamourousmoments 
Being in New York has changed me and Brooklyn plays a vital role in that. Brooklyn has this energy I can't quite explain. It's energy is like subway stations, with good seafood joints, interesting smells, and music blasting fro cars. I guess Brooklyn has it's own rhythm. Everywhere I look I can see beauty, creativity, and an opportunity to do a photoshoot.  Everything has been organic since I've moved to New York City. I don't feel like I have to be anyone or do anything in particular but more so just be me!

As for my outfit I figured why not do a blue and white combo. I'm happy to say everything I have on was shopped from my closet! I'm getting so good at this I might, SHOUT! (laughs) I am not fearful to wear white even if I spill something on it I'm like, "it will come out and if it don't I'll just paint splatter them." I try to not get attached to my clothes. I like to wear my overalls down most the time because I want to be constrained by the straps.  I know it sounds silly but when it's time for me to use the ladies room I'm able to get everything undone faster (laughs). 

Tip: You can wear whatever you want and make it comfortable for you. There's always more than one way to wear something. 

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