Tuesday, June 2, 2015

New York Finest: Sky Conner

Jersey: Jugrnaut Bodysuit: American Apparel Shorts: H&M Heel: Forever 21
Photos By: Quistyle

Out in about in New York City! I think the best part New York is that you can wake up everyday and just explore the city without having a plan or schedule. Finding my way through the city can be challenging at times but I always know that I'm never truly lost. I am exploring and finding new places to leave my mark. Now for my outfit attire I chose to do sporty chic. I put on my shorts and bodysuit and put my jersey on. I personally choose to wear bodysuits because I hate tucking in tank tops because all they do is roll up. My heels are just a staple back and they're my go-to black open toe heels. 

Easy Tip: Bodysuits are the key to life! 

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