Monday, June 1, 2015

Casual Ice Cream Sunday: Sky Conner

Bodysuit: American Apparel Shorts: Zara Shoes: Forever 21 Bag: Hand painted by Brock Seals
Photos By: Quistyle

So for the past week I've been trying to get settled into the new city. I must say my first week here was full of joy, stress, laugh, borderline crying, and a whole lot of mixed emotions. I had a very interesting week and I really just wanted some ice cream. Sometimes when you're going through your mixed feelings season you just want something that has nothing to do with nothing but it turns out to be that something you need. Ice Cream is that something for me. It reminds of home, child like days, and for 10 minutes that ice cream is all that matters. 

I dressed pretty casual for my ice cream run. It's been hot and humid in New York. I chose to mix a little paisley shorts with my paisley painted bucket bag, added a spice of jewelry and put on my booties. I had to put my hair in a ponytail just so I could make sure nothing got in the way of my ice cream (laughs). When you're on the go, make it easy for yourself be simple, chic, and comfortable; especially if you're walking. 

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