Thursday, March 26, 2015

Show Me!: Sky Conner


Photos By: ChuckStr 
Jacket: G.E.T (sold out) Crop Top: Tobi Jeans: H&M Shoes: Nike x PRS (nike store) Sunglasses: Brave Heart Collection

   Remember when you wanted to switch your style up? Most people know I am a heels and pencil skirt type of girl majority of the time but as I said before I've been letting my inner tomboy out lately. Starting with my shoes, I had these Nike x PRS sitting in my closet for a month or so and I was just waiting to wear them. Everything is from my closet except for the sunglasses from brave heart collection. The jeans ripped a little bit when I was moving some furniture but instead of crying about it I took it as an opportunity to cut them up and I'm pleased with how the jeans turned out.  Another mission I have been on lately is, "Getting the look for less". I bought the rose bud sunglasses from brave heart collection for $25.00 and they look like the Prada sunglasses like what a steal! As a blogger I am trying to be aware of my audience and realize that everyone does not have $300-400 dollars for Prada sunglasses. I'm trying to always make sure I show how to get the look for less more. Nevertheless I enjoyed this shoot and it definitely is one of my favorites.


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  2. Your Crop Tops looks very suitable for you! I also like this style.