Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Fendi Peekaboo I Need You!

Photo credit: imgkid.com

Photo Source: Ellle.com
Talk about a Jaw dropper! This bag will make every wishlist I have until I am able to get my hands on one of thees gorgeous bags. I have never owned a Fendi bag so this would be perfect for me to obtain and add to my purse closet. I have always been more of a Prada and Chanel type of girl but as of lately I have been dreaming of grabbing my YSL No.2 lipstick out of my peekaboo Fendi bag and feeling fabulous.

Photo Source: glamasia.com
Photo Source: Pinterest

Photo Source:Color-Blocker.com

Like anything else before I purchase and invest into a expensive item I research to make sure it fits all my needs. I must say I was very pleased with what I found. So, let's take this bag a apart shall we. Take a look at the video below that shows the past Lookbook for the Fendi Peekaboo Bag Fall 14. These bags come in many different color, sizes,and materials.

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