Tuesday, March 10, 2015

All Tied Up with Shirts: Sky Conner

Photos by: Leland Stanford
As of lately Chicago has been so cold, mucky, and yucky! But yesterday it was 45° outside, so of course I had to go enjoy the weather. Due to short notice for my Chipotle run I was in a crunch for what to wear. I was very frustrated because everything I put on was just like, NO! NO! NO! NO! So I finally took my own previous advice from one of my previous post and I shopped my closet.

I took two of my striped buttoned down Ralph Lauren shirt and made them become a temporary skirt. I found my faithful H&M white stretch tee that was perfectly stuffed at the bottom of my draw. It was so wrinkled, thank God for irons.  I placed my Ralph Lauren belt around the shirt skirt so wouldn't have to worry about it moving and I thought it added a Roman gladiator vibe. For accessories I borrowed my best friend necklace, which fit in perfectly with my relax gold vibe. My booties I hardly ever wear and I don't know why because whenever I wear them I'm always thinking,"Hm, why don't I wear these more often? I really like them." For makeup I went simple with an Egyptian inspired eye look with Nyx liquid eyeliner and a soft pink lip "Amplified"  by Mac Cosmetics. 

I find the problem with my closet and maybe yours is perhaps we need to take the time to perceive our clothes differently. Some items in your closet have more than one function. Think about what you can revamp in your closet. Before you throw it away experiment. See what DIY are out there to create a new look. You be surprised how easy it is to revive old clothes and make them feel and look brand new. Most of the items I have revamped I have tended to like better than when I went and purchased.

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