Friday, February 6, 2015

Scuba Dress & Art: Sky Conner

Sometimes we feel like were drowning when were merely floating

It takes someone special to identify themselves with a total stranger

The art of space
H&M: Scuba Dress, Forever 21: Strap Heel & Socks, TopShop: Necklace and Earring (Sale Pieces)
Photo Credit: Marshall Porter

"Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others." -Johnathan Swift

Since the New Year has been in I have been trying to focus on what life will bring me after college. I have been finding myself in one if not all of these three emotions, frustrated, optimistic, or confused. I'm in Chicago right now and I'm torn between moving to Los Angeles or New York after college. As of recently I have done some soul searching and prayed to God and I'm going to make the best decision I can when the time comes.

I think we are all scared of making the wrong mistake, well at least I am. But, I have realized that there is strength in not always getting it right. Being wrong make us appreciates the rights and stops us from being bored with ourselves. I have realized that sometimes we put a right or wrong value on decisions to quickly. 

All I'm saying is sometimes the beauty of something is merely in TRYING.

Now... for this shoot I tried something a little different I went to an Art Gallery and took my 70's scuba vibe dress in there with me. I felt like reflecting and thinking critically so what better place to do that but in art gallery. An art gallery is a place where not everything is handed to you but more so abstract, perceptual, and engaging to the mind. 

Of course I couldn't take all my pictures inside so I did a few outdoors but I wanted to capture the essence of images that spoke to me as well as showing a different side of myself. 

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