Friday, September 5, 2014

The Girl in Denim

 Shirt: True Religion Crop Top: Forever21 Jeans: H&M Shoes: JC Penney (sold out) Handbag: Zara

Let me start off by saying....HELLO! Today was one of those days where the sunlight was hitting perfectly and I was feeling at an all time high. This is good news for several reasons but I'll just share two. First reason is yesterday I had a bad day! I mean it rained, I was stressed, and I was just letting life get the best of me. Secondly, the day just ended on a bad note. It never got turned around like I had hoped for. But we all have those types of days. Now today I was just the opposite. I was fired up, excited, and seeing the world through a different glass. 

Now, lets talk about this outfit. Today I ran errands and I wanted to wear all denim, show a little skin, and have my hair pulled back. I think I did pretty good. I chose light denim because I'm such a dark wash girl it's not even funny. So, I called myself trying something new. The true religion shirt I relieved out of my closet. Funny enough, that's the only denim button down shirt I own. 

The crop top underneath I chose because it has a feminine touch to it unlike the denim. It has lace flowers all over it which makes me feel good due to the fact were at the end of summer. Plus I was glad to see this crop top in a different setting. The last time I wore it was when I went to the Beyonce concert last December; I know, long time. 

Then for my shoe selection I chose some little two tone booties with a pink trim that separates the sections. I chose to wear these for two reasons. One, I'm such a heel girl so I never get any wear out of my other shoes. Two, I didn't know at the time but once I reached target I went crazy and bought things for my apartment, which you all will see soon. But, in downtown Chicago it's always a good idea to wear comfortable shoes because you never know where your day may take you. 

Last but not least my BAG! Well, let me say this first, I probably thank God at least once a week for Zara. Like I am Zara and Zara is me. I have never been in love with a store as much as I'm in love with them. Well, I take that back I have a soft spot for Burberry. But, anyway I had been searching for  a bucket bag for a while and I found the perfect one for $90.00. I'm glad I waited to buy the one I have instead of spending close to $600 for the one I thought I couldn't live without. Moral of the story waiting doesn't always mean you won't find something just as good or better. Just something to think about when you're having withdraws on a sunday evening about a purchase you thought you should have made on Saturday.

Style tip: When wearing all denim it's always good to add an ombre so you won't be a wash of color unless that's the look you're going for, but even then add texture or variation. 

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