Monday, September 15, 2014

The Case of the Blues

Jacket: Zara Sweater: Forever21 Jeans: Forever21 (similar) Shoes: Zara Bag: Zara Head Band: Forever21 (see what fits you)

First off my apologies for the picture quality. I hope to try and edit these and re-upload them but if not I am sorry! Boom! Got that out the way so lets get this party started! 

 Just when I thought summer had a few more weeks left, here comes Chicago tell me something different. Thank God I was prepared with some of my fall goodies. I basically wanted to play with layering and color mixing. I have been searching high and low for patched jeans and it was great that I happened to find these babies. I chose to mix maroon and blue because often times when we dress in fall we wash ourselves out with one color. We tend to dress monochromatic in the Fall and Winter seasons. But it's always interesting to throw in some color. It does not have to be obvious but a good contrast to add a Pop or Wow Factor

I added small details and cool little accessories like the head band, white suspenders, jewelry, and even cuff at the bottom of my pants. These small things can add so much to a simple outfit. Beware wearing necklaces with sweaters. Some necklaces have the potential of snagging sweaters. I chose to wear my hair in a ponytail is due the wind in Chicago. It's easier to have a better hair day if you keep it in one place. Some days I even do it to not have hair strands all in my sweater. Using the jacket as a cape gives the outfit a little spice and is there to keep you partially warm. Oh, the things we do in the name of Fashion! Oh, how could I forget about my fabulous shoes. These shoes are comfy, polished, and also a great color that I can mix with black, blue, red, and purple. They are great transitioning boots. As you all know I'm a big texture mixing girl and I invite you to try it as well.

Style Tip: Add a pop of color so your fall outfits aren't all monochromatic!!!! Unless that's the look your going on and even if it is at least switch up the texture in the pieces.

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