Monday, September 29, 2014

Orange is the New????

Sweater: Forever 21 Skirt: Forever 21 (Limited Edition) Shoes: Zara (similar)
Photo Credit: Chuck Str

I want to first off say crop top sweaters will always have a special place in my heart. Cropped sweaters are very easy to add in your wardrobe. As you all know I like to mix things up from colors, fabrics, and textures. I have on a knit sweater, tweed skirt, and leather boots. This outfit is young flirty, and fun. I had to buy this mini skirt because it reminds me of  the movie Clueless and all its fabulousness.  Oh! I almost forgot to say isn't it awesome that there's all this orange in the background. Whether people believe it or not your surroundings also can make or break your outfit; food for thought. Tell me what you think about mixing!

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