Tuesday, August 19, 2014

What About What's Underneath?

I don't know about you...but what's underneath my clothes matters. I love feeling sexy in sweats just because I know I have something sexy underneath. 

When I go bra and underwear hunting I feel like its important to buy different colors. I mean sure you need your nudes and blacks but outside of that I love to get rich colors. I also look for one or two versatile bras to add to the bunch. I love bras with lace details as well because it adds something special to it without being too much. I wear a 32B but I can get away with wearing my sister size 34B I just have to fasten it in the middle setting. It's important to know your sister size when shopping for bras. 

Panties are a WHOOOOOLLLLLEEEE other story. Basically it needs to feel like nothing is even there! I want to be sexy but comfortable. I am always mindful of underwear excluding thongs that give me wedgies....like BOY SHORTS! I love them but boy shorts just aren't practical for me. Now HIPSTERS on the other hand always get my vote if I'm not wearing a thong. They are comfortable, sexy, lay flat underneath clothes, and no wedgies.

P.S. I bought my bras and underwear at JC Penney when I don't go to Victoria Secret....shhhhhh!!! don't tell anyone I told you lol

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