Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Bracelet that Changes Everything!

So as you all may know or maybe you don't but I'm an app/tech junkie. How many times have you been out and you trying to take pictures, look up directions, text, and upload on Instagram but you know your battery will be dead in 20 minutes if you do? Well, have no fear a startup called Q designs and they have solved 99.9% of the worlds problem by creating the Q bracelet. The Q bracelet is a fashionable bracelet that can break down and save the day by charging your phone as well. This bracelet has enough juice in it to charge you 60% worth of battery. Let me just say 60% is like the new 100% when it comes to battery life.  Right now they are accepting pre orders for $79.00. These bracelets will retail for $99.00. These bracelets come in black, silver, and gold.  

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