Saturday, August 29, 2015

Mitch Moondae x Sky Conner

sky conner

sky conner

sky conner

Tameek Jacobs
 Sky: Custom by Mitch Moondae Tameek Jacobs: Zanarobe (Top and Pants) Shoes: (Cinza Aria)
Photos by: Marta (@godlyphoto)

When it comes to me trying something new I think I am one of the first to get excited and take it on in comparison to my friends. I am eager to see myself look, feel, and even speak differently. I think fashion is more than just clothes, it's taking on a different persona based on your mood, weather, time, event, etc. When I envision myself I see a lot of different things and unfortunately I can't wear it all at one time like I would like to or can I? I believe that there is many facets to all of us and the biggest mistake to make is to try and pin point one out of others. Just BE! Just Live! Just Smile! And whatever outfit you decide to wear during those moments is just another version of you and thats okay! We don't have to stick to one style. You are an adapter by nature so never be afraid to grow and transform. 

Now about the outfit! I had this obsession to do a shoot with denim but I knew I didn't want to experience denim the same way like I have in the past. Mitch Moondae was so gracious to make a custom piece for me. He took simple items and transformed them into pieces of visual art. When you envision something you want to wear if the store doesn't have it all in one create it, or find someone to create it. We get bored with our look because we never venture out to change it. Be curious about certain items and look and see if you can wear it differently. 

Style Tip: I always try to preach this but, try to experience clothes differently if you have a button down try making it a skirt one day or cut off the top portion, sew an elastic band to the top and make it an off the shoulder button down top. Just a thought! 

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Beauty Spotlight of the Month

Information: http: Via Polyvore

1. FIT Me Foundation 355
2. Anastasia Dip Brow 
3. Anastasia Beverly Hills Mini Duo Angled Spooley #7
4. Mac Mineralize Concealer 
5. Sephora Highlight and Lowlight 
6. Beauty Blender by Original Beauty 
7. Stila Red Liquid Lipstick 
8. Urban Decay Makeup Setting Spray

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Crop Top & Denim: Sky Conner

Sky Conner

sky conner

sky conner

sky conner

sky conner

sky conner

sky conner

sky conner

sky conner

sky conner

sky conner
Crop Tops: Forever 21 1st one - 2nd one  Shorts: 1 of 1 by Jolie Jeans: Ex Boyfriend Levi's Heels: Leon Max (Similar)
Photos by: Ivan of Longtower Photos Makeup by: Instagram (@glamourousmoments)

I wanted to be a simple, casual, chic. I wanted to appeal to the everyday who doesn't want to over think what to wear. I wanted to showcase that less can be more and still read to be tasteful. I chose to do shorts and jeans because I wanted to show versatility. A lot of times we have one set image of how a certain outfit combination should look, for instance when thinking about wearing a crop top and jeans most people think to put high waisted jeans with it. Sometimes I challenge myself not to get sucked into the fashion do's and don't because it stops you from being able to create, try, or explore anything new. You keep developing so your style should change and expand with you as well.

The shorts and crop top combo is for my ladies who want to chic, sexy and don't mind showing skin. They are comfortable looking like a super model even if they are just running to chipotle or the grocery store. My jeans and halter crop combo is for my ladies that want more of a sexy tomboy look. My crop top and denim boyfriend jeans also allows for a sneaker if you can find the right one.

Tip: There's no set way to wear anything. Wear what makes you comfortable and what looks good to you. You can always tailor something new but if you never try you may never know how amazing something can look or feel to you. Sidenote: Even if you try something you wouldn't normally try and you hate it, at least you know that doesn't work for you. The strength in style lies in trying new things! 

Friday, July 31, 2015

Elongating Style: Sky Conner

sky conner x topshop

sky conner x topshop

sky conner

sky conner

sky conner
Tank: TopShop Judo Boutique Pants: TopShop Shoes: Forever 21

I've been going through a world wind of a journey. Been trying to balance my life with my one job, one internship, moving, and running my blog. But besides that I am glad I was able to shoot with my lovely photographer Ivan. I wanted to wear something a little different and I must say I am pleased with how I put it together. 

I have always wanted to own a pair of pants that were high waisted and wide legged but I have shied away from buying them because of my height. I hate being forced to wear heels in order to wear certain pants.  However, it's been a while since I have worn heels so I figured why not. 

I decided to add a pop of color with my maroon trash bag waist pants to give a bit of contrast. I loved laying silk upon these pants. Believe it or not this outfit is very comfortable and feels good upon the skin. I chose to wear a simple heel because I knew you wouldn't really see the shoe based on the pants length but also because I wanted the focus to be on the pants and the color selection. 

Tip: When wearing a wide legged pants be conscious of shoe selection. You don't want your shoes to clash with the pants. When trying something new understand that it's just like finding the perfect red lipstick; it's all about the right shade. When mixing colors make sure that it is a contrast and that the color you choose lays well with your skin tone. Never wash yourself out with colors that don't make you pop. 

Saturday, July 18, 2015

That Lady!: Sky Conner

Shirt: My photographer (Gap) Ripped Denim: American Eagle Shoes: So Kate Louboutins
Photos by Ivan of Longtower Photography

I have been inclined to experience life differently since I have moved to New York. I have always been the type of person who wanted to know everything. I am forever curious how everything works and what makes them tick. I have been blogging since 2011 and for years I spent so much time in front of the camera that I forgot the beauty of one. Ivan my photographer is an excellent teacher and he allowed me to be his student. I have learned so much in such a short time span and believe it or not by me knowing how different cameras work I'm able to get better shots when I'm on the other side. 

I believe its important to be well rounded in anything you are pursuing seriously.  For example: If you are trying to be a singer its important that you know or at least understand the producing aspect and the function of the studio equipment. Knowledge about your field will only help develop you. Now, I'm not saying you will be a jack of all trades but I am saying that by you having some knowledge or understanding of other surrounding components in your field you will produce better work. It's all a process and everything intertwines with each other. Don't be the person thats only caught up on one aspect you can't grow with that type of mindset.

My first picture deals with the idea of me taking on the persona of Olive Oyl but actually having style. The shirt is a mens shirt so I wanted to turn into my own. I like showing that being feminine doesn't come from the label but rather so the lady and how she wears it.

My inspiration for the last two photos was me thinking about how amazing it would be for a girl to shoot with bare essentials, hence the milk carton box I'm sitting on. I wanted to provoke the idea of this beautiful, sexy, yet tasteful lady is able to shoot on a average day and look fabulous doing it. She is that girl that isn't afraid to get her hands dirty but somehow she always manages to stay perfectly polished. I wanted it to be natural and spontaneous. 

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Sounds of Fashion: Sky Conner

Photo by: Ivan of LongTower Photography MakeUp by Bre @glamourousmoments Instagram

Believe it or not I have hidden talents. I am always intrigued to know something or to learn something new. I have secret aspirations to learn the piano and how to skate really well backwards. I know that may sound weird but I feel like its never too late to learn these things. I feel there is always room to improve yourself especially when learning a new skill. So I had a secret passion to learn how to Dj and I did so naturally I got the idea that maybe I should do a series of photos to show off some of my hidden talents.

My reason in doing the series is to show how one can constantly change. Plus you will never know what you are good at if you don't take the time to learn.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Unbothered: Sky Conner

Body Suit: H&M 
Photo by; Ivan of LongTower Photo Make-up:@glamourousmoments

Don't you get tired of trying to please others. No matter what you do there will always be those people who don't want to see you shine. I did these photos to show how much I am unbothered with the, "chatter". I am blessed beyond measure and I should act like it and so should you.  My inspiration is Zoe Saldana. She is so fearless, strong, beautiful, and most importantly unbothered. The older I get the more I am an advocate of self exploration and empowering your self esteem. The world is crazy and if you allow it to get you down it will. We are all beautiful and we all have something to share. Just make sure you know that your "something" may not be for everyone.

Side note: can we give a give a hand clap for the way my natural hair is giving life?