Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Crippling Blue

Men's Shirt: Topman Denim: H&M Heels: Forever 21

Where do I begin? I have been feeling so dynamic lately. My inner tomboy has been taking over but I still have been leaving a little room for my girly side. I recently was asked to do a video shoot and I wanted to get a new shirt for it. In the process of having to reschedule the shoot I decided it was the perfect shirt to blog about. I walked into TopShop because they were having a sale and I ended up getting this mens shirt. It was kind of like love at first sight and to make it better it was on sale. I have to say I did buy the pants as well but in my defense I didn't have any high-waisted jeans. I felt this was a necessary purchase plus they were only $25.00.  I can truly say I'm having a good time getting to know myself and seeing my style change with it. Message of the day is don't be afraid to switch up your style based on your mood and personal growth. It would be a disservice to you to not change and explore yourself further than what your use to. 

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Rolled Up Sleeves

Shirt: Kith Denim: American Eagle Heels: Forever 21 Earrings: Eddie Borgo

   I went to the Tanqueray Trunk Show this past weekend. It was an event focused on networking, hearing panelist, and at the end hearing Common spit a few bars and play a few tunes. There was free Tanqueray cocktails and clothing booths set up. Kith was one of the clothing booths that they set up. From their booth I was able to get this shirt, Score! 
   Continuing on with shopping from my closet everything I have on is older items I own and the denim jeans I have on I have had them since junior year of high school and I'm about to graduate college this May, so you do the math. I bought those forever 21 heels and they are perfect! They are a shiny dark black, the heel height is superb and the ankle strap detailing gives me the extra support that I need. 

   I have definitely been enjoying the ability to take my closet apart and being the definition of Tim Gunn quote, "Make it Work!"  I am pushing myself and believe it or not saving money! I have dug out old things that I had forgotten all about. You be surprised what gems you can find in your own closet. 

   Tip: The shirt is a mens shirt so therefore its oversized but rolling the sleeve and doing a skinny jean with oversized makes it intentional and chic! You could also wear it open with a tank or cropped tank underneath (if your body permits) and style the bottom with denim, sweats, or a skirt. 

   P.S: I will be taking style questions soon!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Show Me!


Photos By: ChuckStr 
Jacket: G.E.T (sold out) Crop Top: Tobi Jeans: H&M Shoes: Nike x PRS (nike store) Sunglasses: Brave Heart Collection

   Remember when you wanted to switch your style up? Most people know I am a heels and pencil skirt type of girl majority of the time but as I said before I've been letting my inner tomboy out lately. Starting with my shoes, I had these Nike x PRS sitting in my closet for a month or so and I was just waiting to wear them. Everything is from my closet except for the sunglasses from brave heart collection. The jeans ripped a little bit when I was moving some furniture but instead of crying about it I took it as an opportunity to cut them up and I'm pleased with how the jeans turned out.  Another mission I have been on lately is, "Getting the look for less". I bought the rose bud sunglasses from brave heart collection for $25.00 and they look like the Prada sunglasses like what a steal! As a blogger I am trying to be aware of my audience and realize that everyone does not have $300-400 dollars for Prada sunglasses. I'm trying to always make sure I show how to get the look for less more. Nevertheless I enjoyed this shoot and it definitely is one of my favorites.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Good As Gold

Photos By: Chuck Str
Blazer: Ralph Lauren T-Shirt: Express Denim: American Eagle Tennis Shoes: Ralph Lauren Accessories: TopShop

   I've been in the mood to be a little more tomboyish lately, I'm talking tennis shoes, hair tied, blazers etc. I feel this outfit is a different type of edge but it still remains feminine at the same time. I love the shoes I bought from Ralph Lauren! They are perfectly gold and as soon as I seen them I jumped on them immediately. It was crazy how fast I whipped out my debit card to buy them. I have been in need of some awesome new pieces to bring to the closet. I also purchased the blazer from Ralph and looking back I made a smart decision! The blazer is so soft but it still has weight to it without being heavy. I wanted some ripped up denim and I just so happened to have a pair on stand by; lucky me.

  As you all know I have been trying to shop my closet a little bit more. I think I did a great job. The t-shirt and jeans were old, the blazer and sneakers were new. Learning to reuse what I have and colliding it with my new pieces. I'm trying to bring in the spring just right!  

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

All Tied Up with Shirts

Photos by: Leland Stanford
As of lately Chicago has been so cold, mucky, and yucky! But yesterday it was 45° outside so, of course I had to go enjoy the weather. Due to short notice for my Chipotle run I was in a crunch for what to wear. I was very frustrated because everything I put on was just like, NO! NO! NO! NO! So I finally took my own previous advice from one of my previous post and I shopped my closet.

I took two of my striped buttoned down Ralph Lauren shirt and made them become a temporary skirt. I found my faithful H&M white stretch tee that was perfectly stuffed at the bottom of my draw. It was so wrinkled, thank God for irons.  I placed my Ralph Lauren belt around the shirt skirt so wouldn't have to worry about it moving and I thought it added a Roman gladiator vibe. For accessories I borrowed my best friend necklace, which fit in perfectly with my relax gold vibe. My booties I hardly ever wear and I don't know why because whenever I wear them I'm always thinking,"Hm, why don't I wear these more often? I really like them." For makeup I went simple with an Egyptian inspired eye look with Nyx liquid eyeliner and a soft pink lip "Amplified"  by Mac Cosmetics. 

I find the problem with my closet and maybe yours is perhaps we need to take the time to perceive our clothes differently. Some items in your closet have more than one function. Think about what you can revamp in your closet. Before you throw it away experiment. See what DIY are out there to create a new look. You be surprised how easy it is to revive old clothes and make them feel and look brand new. Most of the items I have revamped I have tended to like better than when I went and purchased.