Monday, October 19, 2015

Sky Conner x FarFetch Collaboration


I'm so excited to announce my recent collaboration with FarFetch for their Frieze Art Fair posting. In London October 14th-17th the Frieze Art Fair commences. During this Fair the focus is made on contemporary art and living artist. Frieze Art Fair is held in a space where natural light can enter and make the space feel alive and inviting. Naturally Frieze Art Fair brings out all the fashionistas. I was honored to showcase an outfit that would have been perfect for the occasion. To see the full feature click the link below. To learn more about FarFetch continue reading below!

Full Feature: Sky Conner x FarFetch

Outfit Selection via FarFetch
Turtleneck: Emilo Pucci
Skirt: MSGM 
Shoes: Chloe

Farfetch started in 2008 is based in London but they also have offices in New York, Los Angeles, São Paulo and Porto. With Farfetch the word luxury is just the tip of the iceberg with them featuring over a 1000 labels. I find shopping with Farfetch you get to shop luxury, be interactive, and always feel exclusive. One of my favorite things about Farfetch is the site layout. The pictures are always big and it gives me the opportunity to see different angles of the item once I click for further details. Farfetch is seamless all the way through from their new arrivals all the way to their sale section. It's almost impossible to go on their site and not find anything. When purchasing they have right now free shipping for a limited time. Oh and did I mention they have teamed up with MYSWEAR and you can now create your very own luxury sneaker using materials like suede, python, ostrich, metal, and more. To see further on how to create your own shoe  or to check out just click the links below.

Sky Conner x Asos x Public Desire






Sweater: Asos Turtleneck Skirt: Asos A-Line Skirt Shoes: Laurel Black Over The Knee Boot
Photos by: Anthony Prince
MUA & Hair: @kerrishatichiana_

Anyone who knows me I am crazy for ASOS. ASOS just seems to simply get me, my style, and they always have what I want when I go their site. ASOS is a company based in London and I first heard of them in high school. Of course it was so new to me and up until that point in my life I just was shopping at physical stores like forever 21 and H&M. 

When I moved to Chicago for college and I realized how normal it was to order clothing via online I decided to give ASOS a try. I ordered a sweater and a shirt and I was pleased both items. From that moment on I was hooked. ASOS is easy to search and shop with. They have an accurate sizing chart for their clothing, a quick shipping process and their items are well made. 

I went for a 60's to modern day look. I made sure to do something different with my hair. I tried out a double decker bun to add to my Mod Chic vibe. I did very light makeup and just a gloss over the lip. You be surprised how much hair and makeup can set the mood.

For my outfit I wanted to do my typical skirt and sweater look but I wanted to add some spice to it. The sweater was amazing. I am not a big turtleneck person but this one was light enough and cute enough to make the cut. The collar does not sit too high on the neck, so you do not feel like your suffocating. The elegant stripes were shiny, intriguing, and added a great pop of rich colors. The skirt had a 60's vibe and it fit in perfectly especially since it was black, of course.  The shoes  made the outfit worth it. The Laurel Over the Knee Boot was my very first purchase from Public Desire. I must say I am very pleased with my experience. When viewing the site they have an array of short & long boots as well as some heels. These babies were comfortable and they fit snug around my leg but not tight to where they were cutting off circulation. They went about two inches over the knee and my height is about 5'4-5'5. 

Style Tip: Take pride in taking it back some years. Sometimes to do something new you need to revisit the old. Mini skirts and sweaters can be a go to with a quick bootie, over the knee boot, or even a nice sneaker with a cool ankle sock. Playing with levels can also sharpen this look. 

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Sky Conner x Missguided

sky conner


sky conner



Outfit: Missguided  click-->Shirt  click --> Culottes  Shoes: Zara
Photos by: Anthony Prince
Makeup by: @kerrishatichiana_ (Instagram)

Teal and Silver have always attracted me individually but I have never worn them together. This outfit is very different for me because I have never owned a pair of culottes and certainly not in the color teal blue. I happened to be on Missguided website and I ran across those pair and I fell in love. Missguided has a way of having trendy yet classic pieces and quality pieces at a moderate price. I am convinced that they can read my mind.  When making the decision I figured if I were going to try a pair I might as well get them from a place I love. Sometimes when you are trying something new it's best to get the style from a place your familiar with. 

The silver top has been a perfect addition to my closet. I can pair this Top with so many things such as mini skirts, black skinny jeans, & flare denim; it's crazy. The sheen of the top made the combination flow together better. The contrast in fabric made the composition interesting and of course the background adds its own flavor. I'm wearing a size 4 in the bottoms and a size 4 in the top. I would suggest looking at the sizing guide to best figure out your size but it will require you to know your measurements.  I sometimes find myself being between two sizes but then I always just look at the item specifications and make a decision based on the description.

If you're not familiar with Missguided, get familiar with the brand! On average I'm on the site for 30 minutes or more. I even got my mom hooked onto the site and she's not a big online shopper. They are based in London so make sure you plan ahead for shipping. I did express shipping for $15.00 which is not bad for a 1-3 day Fedex shipping. Be mindful of the time zone difference when contacting them as well. 

Styling Tip: Try mixing gold, silver, rose gold, with a solid (blue, brown, orange, purple, red). See what combinations you can mix in just to expand your average looks.  

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Sky Conner x Hassani Hamilton

Sky Conner x Alexandra (@Androgynous_douby)
Outfit: Hassani Hamilton Photographer: @aagdolla (Instagram) 

I can't express how happy I was to represent Hassani Hamilton Sick P*ssy Collection. This brand is more than just a brand but more so a lifestyle. You feel something happen when you put on these garment, well at least I do. It's almost like a super hero putting on their cape. My connection comes from what the brand stands for. Hassani created "Sick Pussy", from the notion of women not being able to be in their natural state. His term "freeing women" is powerful! As  women we are always looked upon, judged, and told who and what we should be. We never get to explore and just BE, freely. I have never per say called myself a feminist but I but I am pro women is the sense of us being free.  Free to make decisions, free to dress how we want, free to aspire to being more than a housewife, free to seek opportunities that have been deemed a "manly" job.  We all have to vow to free each other. Women need to free themselves and men need to free them from the social standard. So by all mean you hearing it from me, "YOU ARE FREE TO GO AND JUST BE!" 

To the clothes all the items can be purchased at but hurry I know that a lot of pieces are almost sold out or won't be there long. ;)

Style Tip: Shoes are important if you didn't know. You have the freedom of establishing how dressed up or down you want the the pieces you are wearing to be. Bomber and a pair heels is a killer combination or a vest and tennis shoes. 

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Sky Conner x BraveHeart Collection


sky conner

sky conner

sky conner

sky conner
Dress: BraveHeartCollection Shoes: Zara Bag: Chanel (Portero)

What's sexier than a tube dress? It hugs you in all the right places and is easy to maneuver in as well. It's no secret that my favorite color is blue. Naturally when I seen this dress on Braveheartcollection (click here) I had to buy it. For a minute I have been wanting a tube dress but it seems like places never had my size or a color that interest me! My measurements are 32 bust, 24 waist, and 34 inch hips so most of the time when I look at the size guide I'm always in between two sizes and its annoying. Luckily the small I'm wearing fits me perfectly. I know other ladies have similar troubles so I am telling you I think this dress was made for us. 

When it comes to how the dress feels on my skin I want to say in general I am always impressed with braveheartcollection clothes. The clothes are always soft and come already smelling refreshing, fresh out the box. Shipping was fast and the cost was affordable. I know sometimes I wear things that are not as accessible or deemed "expensive" but this particular piece is very much so affordable and chic. Please don't waste any time go buy the dress already and go look fabulous. For more ideas on how to wear it read the style tip below.

Side Note: This is a dress that show all your curves for better or for worse. So if you have some areas you are not wanting to showcase take the necessary steps to make sure the best you is showcased. For underwear either a THONG or COMMANDO or NO LINES. I always vote thong or commando but that's my personal preference. 

Style Tip: This dress is so versatile. As fall and winter approach find a cute crop sweater to wear over it or perhaps a suede or leather leather jacket. You could if your daring put on a oversized off shoulder top over the dress and use a belt to snatch the waist! Just a thought!

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Mitch Moondae x Sky Conner

sky conner

sky conner

sky conner

Tameek Jacobs
 Sky: Custom by Mitch Moondae Tameek Jacobs: Zanarobe (Top and Pants) Shoes: (Cinza Aria)
Photos by: Marta (@godlyphoto)

When it comes to me trying something new I think I am one of the first to get excited and take it on in comparison to my friends. I am eager to see myself look, feel, and even speak differently. I think fashion is more than just clothes, it's taking on a different persona based on your mood, weather, time, event, etc. When I envision myself I see a lot of different things and unfortunately I can't wear it all at one time like I would like to or can I? I believe that there is many facets to all of us and the biggest mistake to make is to try and pin point one out of others. Just BE! Just Live! Just Smile! And whatever outfit you decide to wear during those moments is just another version of you and thats okay! We don't have to stick to one style. You are an adapter by nature so never be afraid to grow and transform. 

Now about the outfit! I had this obsession to do a shoot with denim but I knew I didn't want to experience denim the same way like I have in the past. Mitch Moondae was so gracious to make a custom piece for me. He took simple items and transformed them into pieces of visual art. When you envision something you want to wear if the store doesn't have it all in one create it, or find someone to create it. We get bored with our look because we never venture out to change it. Be curious about certain items and look and see if you can wear it differently. 

Style Tip: I always try to preach this but, try to experience clothes differently if you have a button down try making it a skirt one day or cut off the top portion, sew an elastic band to the top and make it an off the shoulder button down top. Just a thought! 

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Beauty Spotlight of the Month

Information: http: Via Polyvore

1. FIT Me Foundation 355
2. Anastasia Dip Brow 
3. Anastasia Beverly Hills Mini Duo Angled Spooley #7
4. Mac Mineralize Concealer 
5. Sephora Highlight and Lowlight 
6. Beauty Blender by Original Beauty 
7. Stila Red Liquid Lipstick 
8. Urban Decay Makeup Setting Spray